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Programmes offered

The Associate Diploma in Nutritional Wellness

Part A : Anatomy & Physiology

Overview of Anatomy & Physiology (7 systems)
  1. The Digestive System
  2. The nervous System
  3. The Respiratory System
  4. The Endocrine System
  5. The Cardiovascular System
  6. The Reproductive System
  7. The Lympathic System
Part B

Overview of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Functional Foods.
  1. Vitamins : A, B-Complex, C, D, E and others
  2. Amino Acids: Essential Amino Acids & Non-Essential Amino Acids
Part C

Overview of Herbal Medicine
  1. Basic Principles of Herbal Medicine, Overview of Herbal Properties.
  2. How to create herbal preparations
  3. Common uses of herbs: Garlic, Fenugreek, Ginseng, Dong Quai, Goldenseal, Aloe Vera & others.
  4. Uses of herbs for common ailments.
  5. Herbal combinations
Part D

The Legalities : What you need to know to be safe, by world standards.
The program consists of 14 hours of lectures, 20 written assignments and 2 essays. Participants need to pass both the attendance and written requirements to graduate.

The natural and organic products is now one of the fastest growing markets in the world. This nutrition industry includes natural health products, functional foods, natural supplements, organic foods and natural personal care products. All of these are worth US$140 billion globally in year 2000 and are steadily growing at an annual rate of 15-20%.

The emerging market for these products is in Asia and in particular Southeast Asia. This trend is anticipated to grow for the next twenty years. The next new emerging trend is network marketing and direct selling. The size of this market in Singapore alone was about US$60.5 million in 1998 and is expected to grow. In view of the major changes in global trends, network marketing part time or full time is likely to become the way of life for the future.

To be able to take advantage of these trends it is important to be educated on the pros and cons of nutrition and wellness. To date these has been no such programs to address this major need.

The Youngson Institute of Natural Science (YINS) is a respected Institute offering certificate, diploma and degree programs in Natural Medicine for more than 20 years. The Youngson Institute of Natural Science has more than with more than 8,000 graduates worldwide. In association with the Institute of Natural Therapies, we are offering the Associate Diploma in Nutritional Wellness specifically aimed at Network Marketers involved in the nutritional and wellness business. Successful participants will receive an Associate Diploma certificate that will probably set the industry standard in the years to come.

Venue :
Institute for Natural Therapies
39 Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 089002

Time :
7 - 10.30pm (4 days)(Lectures)

Investments :
Networkers $2000
Members of the Society (SONAHT) $1900
Special Group Rates are applicable.

Successful participants get the following accreditations:

  1. Member of the International Natural Therapists Organisation (Australia) (INTO)
  2. Member of the Society of Natural and Alternative Health Therapists (Singapore)
  3. Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology
  4. Certificate in Herbal Medicine
  5. Associate Diploma in Nutritional Wellness

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