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When you join the Institute of Natural Therapies (INT) as a student, you tap on the expertise of Asia's leading provider for training in Natural and Complementary Medicine. Providing hands-on training programs and clinical attachments, we have offered courses recognized since 1980 in Australia for levels ranging from certificate, diploma to degree level. Over 8,000 graduates have passed through our programs.

The Institute of Natural Therapies and its Schools

  • The Youngson Institute of Natural Science Colleges Worldwide (YCW) - Undergraduate School
  • The University of Natural Medicine (Nevada, USA) (UNMAF) - Graduate School
  • Franchise Training School for Natural Therapies Centre International - Post Graduate School

The Institute of Natural Therapies also organizes conferences and seminars that encourage research and development among allied professionals. (October Conference)

The Clinical Training
Students and graduates get the chance to acquire hands on training and clinical practice in a variety of clinical settings that are managed by senior practitioners.

Courses held by Institute of Natural Therapies

  • Certificates
  • Associate Diplomas
  • Diplomas
  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Masters and Above
  • Post Graduate Diplomas
Naturopathy Option - Additional Level Information

  • Time Frame: 4 years
  • Length of Training: 3,000 hours
  • Prerequisites: Years 1,2,3
  • Diploma: Advanced Diploma in Applied Science (Naturopathy)

Distance Learning Educational Tools

  • Textbooks
  • Online Tutorial
  • CD-Roms
  • Corrections
  • Clinical Case Studies
  • Clinical Training


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Required Level Sequence for Accredited Naturopath
  1. Graduate Diploma in Natural Science (Year 1)
  2. Diploma in Naturopathy (Year 2)
  3. Diploma in Homoeopathy (Year 3)
  4. Diploma in Applied Science and Technology (Year 4)
  5. Thesis


In association with the Institute of Natural Therapies, we are offering the Associate Diploma in Nutritional Wellness specifically aimed at Network Marketers involved in the nutritional and wellness business. Successful participants will receive an Associate Diploma certificate that will probably set the industry standard in the years to come. more>>

Institute of Natural Therapies

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