INT - Institute of Natural Therapies Singapore.
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Mission Statement

The purpose of the School is to instruct all its members in the Philosophy, Art and Science of Natural Therapies - to educate them to a sound knowledge of the principles and traditions of the profession based on the axiom 'Vis Medicatrix Naturae' - the Healing power of Nature.


The Institute is not a School of Medicine, nor does it hold itself out to be such, but it does teach students to recognise those conditions requiring surgical or other intervention and refer such cases to the appropriate professionals.

The method is the Wholistic approach to health: covering the physical, chemical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. We see the Natural Therapist of today and in the future as a practitioner/teacher. To educate how to restore and maintain health by living in harmony with Nature and the environment. Health or disease is often simply a reflection of the way we choose to live. By helping people to recognise their choices we are helping them understand how their actions affect their health. Natural Therapists use techniques that work gently, in harmony with the inherent self-healing capabilities and innate wisdom of the body and avoid those treatments that might cause illness or complicate the existing disease process.

  Institute of Natural Therapies

Mission Statement
Why the Institute?

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