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The Institute together with the Youngson Institute of Natural Science (YINS) is the most experienced School of Natural Medicine/Complementary Medicine by Distance Learning in South East Asia.

The Institute has a unique Seminar/Practitioner Network that extends across Australia and some overseas countries for essential practical skills.

If you are considering qualifications in Natural Medicine/Complementary Medicine, these are a few questions you should be asking institutions .

  1. Does the Degree offer established pathways to Honours, Masters and Ph.D. levels?
  2. Does the Institution have a long history of delivering quality education?
  3. Is the Degree professionally endorsed?
  4. Which professional associations are graduates eligible to join?
  5. Does the Institution offer access to and proven experience in flexible delivery?
  6. If there is a need to travel interstate, how many other campuses are there?
  7. Do the fees include necessary text books?

NOTE: Insist on obtaining written answers to your questions, don't rely on verbal assurances!

The Institute's long term vision for the Natural Medicine/Complementary Medicine profession is that if and when some form of Government registration does eventuate, our students will not have to play 'catch-up' but will already have Degree status - the normal requirement for Registration.

Students who live within 3 hours drive of seminar centres are required to attend. If residing outside of this driving time frame, the most viable option is to attend intensives.

Note: Students with Recognition of Prior Learning may be fully or partially exempt and therefore will not be required to complete the full number of face to face hours.

Clinical training

Ideally, this is undertaken with one or more qualified practitioners in the students area. Headquarters or the Seminar representatives are often able to advise concerning who are the local qualified practitioners. The Institute's Headquarters provides students with letters of introduction to practitioners to help facilitate this training.

If you live in a particularly isolated region, or in special circumstances clinical training may substitute for seminars. Please contact Headquarters for best options.

Overseas students may substitute clinical training for seminars.

Seminar fees

(Payable at the time undertaken). Each seminar area has its own Institute's Australia representative and students will be advised of fees on application. The cost of seminars are from $60. Variances are due to differing costs and overheads in running some centres (cities are more expensive than country areas) and the content difference.

Note: Frequent seminars are held each year in most of these centres. Seminar attendance should add up to approximately 100 hours per year.

Seminar faculty

Each seminar centre has its own qualified faculty who provide relevant information in respect to clinical skills and assist students with home studies.

Overseas students may substitute clinical training for seminars.

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